How To Make Your A princess Costume Party Outfit


What little girl doesn’t want to be a princess? Halloween isn’t the only time children like to dress up! Playtime with friends and parties are great opportunities to show off a fun costume. It’s a lot of fun to make your little girl Princess Costumes party outfit and any child will love it. All you need are a few items that most people have around the house.

First, you’ll need a dress. There are plenty of low cost princess dresses available, or you can just use a nice party dress. Princesses always have lots of jewels, so it’s worth it to get glue on rhinestones and use them to enhance the dress. Add precious stones to the skirt, around the neck and on the edges of sleeves for the best effect.

Something else that every princess needs is a bow or ten. Keep ready made bows on hand, or make your own with some satin or velvet ribbon, both of which are very elegant. Wide ribbons can be used for sashes, as well and thinner ones are perfect for tying up the princess ‘do. Choose several popular colors of ribbon to keep on hand for just this sort of occasion.

Shoes are next on the list. While glass slippers are the usual for princesses, you can make do with satin ballet slippers. These can be stepped up a notch with rhinestones and ribbons, too, if need be. Or, for a faster solution, look at plastic shoes available in shops. They look like crystal and are ideal for a princess.

The crown is another vital part of any costume that involves a princess. These can be fashioned from sparkly pipe cleaners, cardboard or craft foam and decorated with stick on jewels, glitter and anything else you can find that is appropriate. Otherwise, look for plastic or tin tiaras which can be found anywhere costumes are sold. There are plenty of options for your little gal.

Finally, a wand is a great touch for anyone who is missing their fairy godmother. Take a stick or wooden spoon and decorate it with glitter and ribbons for a cute wand.

Little girls love to dress up and with all the movies out there about royalty, it’s no surprise they like to dress like their favorite princesses. While you can really make a princess out of anything you have in the house, if she wants to look like Belle or Cinderella, she’ll need specific colors and costumes. These are usually available online or in costume stores. Look for deals just after Halloween, but realize that a girl Princess Costume party outfit is great any time of year!