Danny’s Dress Drive

Helping Kids Feel Special Since 2008
The Story of Danny’s Dress Drive

I started “Danny’s Dress Drive” in 2008 with my Mom, to collect fun dresses and give them to girls in the Merrimack Valley who might otherwise not be able to get a nice dress for the holidays. 

Since Christmas of 2009, we’ve collected and delivered 
almost 500 dresses to girls throughout the Merrimack Valley!

I love the idea of making girls happy and I hope you will too! 

If you’ve got any gently worn dresses in good condition or new tights any size that can brighten the holidays for these girls, my Mom and I will be happy to pick them up! 

So please email my Mom at this address: renee@dannysdressdrive.info

Thanks for helping me bring so many girls a dress to make them smile! mailto:renee@dannysdressdrive.infoshapeimage_3_link_0